Captain’s Log: Cool Your Jets


In episode 34, we discussed a post made by Alex Modny on the Dev Tracker. Though this episode hasn’t been officially released to iTunes, YouTube, or posted on any of our social media sites, I thought it would be acceptable to share my thoughts on Alex’s approach with Let’s Talk About Strike Fighters.

Alex has opened the lines of communication in his post and set the expectations needed after the display of bad behavior that erupted from the community following the 3.2.1 Marauder/Sentinel Insight feature made by John Jarynowski.

First, I am proud of BioWare. After Eric Musco came to the defense of John in Harassment of DevelopersAlex stepped forward in an attempt to remain open with the players – even after John and his family had been personally threatened for a similar reason. BioWare, despite the lack of tact from a few, still wants to know what their player-base desires. Many times on the show, we have taken jabs at BioWare for their poor customer service and the lack of communication, but even after personal attacks on John, the development team stands strong. With a “forgive but not forget” attitude, they press forward, seeking the constructive criticism of the community they’re seemingly eager to serve – and the forums are receiving it well. That makes me proud of all of us too.

I think we can all agree that, going forward, we can address the issues that arise with posts on the Dev Tracker by communicating efficiently with the team. That means you provide constructive criticism and treat the developers with respect. None of those guys start calling players names or finding their family members and making death threats because they disagree about game mechanics. It serves no purpose to behave like children on the forums. If you want to stomp your feet and call someone names, you need to take a time out. Adults, namely professionals like game developers, do not receive those type of infantile responses well and we are fortunate they still want to hear from us after that.

On that note, keep in mind that these developers personally owe you nothing. It’s their job to put out a game, whether or not that’s a game you play is choice you make. They are not required to communicate with us. It would be realistic for them to put out patches, make changes to classes, add new content, or blow up an entire planet without breathing a word to us. BioWare does not need the permission of the players to make the game the way they please. It is out of kindness and respect that they ask our opinion and just because they didn’t listen to you specifically, doesn’t mean they’re not listening at all. It’s not a personal attack on you that your recommendation didn’t come to fruition. A suggestion without clarity, research, facts, and examples only takes up space and wastes the time of the developers.

Though I always look on the bright side of game changes, recall the Operative nerfs and my “bring it on” attitude, I can admit that I don’t always agree with BioWare. However, I am looking forward to what the future holds for Star Wars: The Old Republic and Captain Kinbrae, and I am confident that with the right attitude from the community, the development team will consider putting our suggestions on The Wall of Crazy, no matter how silly they might seem. If they can put Treek in the game, they might just put in a Selkath for Korv.

May The Force Ever Serve You.


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