Episode 19 – McHappy Sith


This week we’re back into the full swing of things and we really dive into the new Cartel Market features; our opinions of them, at least. This is a very opinionated episode. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to Episode 19 – McHappy Sith

  1. Charles says:

    Color crystal schematics already available at artifice trainer.

  2. mark_swtor says:

    The thing with the slot machines, post-nerf, is that they don’t have to remove any prizes from it – they’ve reduced the drop rates so much that even when you do get the purple jawa junk, the cost is relative to what it would take to get it via a crafting mission.

    The issue with the machines wasn’t what they dropped, it was how much of it you could get stupidly cheap. Remove the “stupidly cheap” part and you’re fine. I think they went a little too far in the other direction with their fix, but they definitely didn’t need to remove things from it completely.

    You guys were saying that, “Anyone with enough money can still get the stuff”…well, sure. They can spend 750 credits x 99 chips to _try_ to get some jawa junk. I’ll be over there, running Treasure Hunting missions.

    And I haven’t gotten through the entire episode yet, but I didn’t hear you guys mention anything about the faction-specific walker mount they added (at a ridiculously low drop rate).

    • vemerce says:

      At the point when we had recorded, we didn’t have news of the walker mount yet. But they definitely did go too far with the nerf, especially after people spent real life money to get that slot machine. That much I can agree with.

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