Episode 66 – Change is Coming


In this episode we take our time and discuss some current news that pertains to SWTOR, then we move into talking about our new show format. Starting next week, there will be some significant changes coming to how we record the show. We welcome any and all feedback regarding these changes. Enjoy!

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Episode 65 – Burning Through KotFE


***SPOILER ALERT*** This week, we make a speed run through the last few chapters of KotFE to finally catch up and spoil the entire first nine. Our goal is to start moving into spoilers with the newer chapters quite a bit faster from this point on, so this was our “catch up” episode.

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Episode 64 – Cartel Market Blues


There wasn’t a whole lot of news to cover this week, so we took the time to reflect on the last Cartel Market pack and the upcoming one. There’s a lot of cosmetic discussion in this episode, but it should be enjoyable to anyone who is remotely interested in how their character looks.

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Episode 63 – Feed Mori, Seymour


Dulfy has shown us what’s coming in the next Cartel Pack. We take the time to run through the things we find interesting. Mori pulls his usual antics, including replacing his good-bye with begging for help to sate his infinite hunger. Listen in for the latest edition of Beyond the Stars…

Reminder: We’re trying something new. We’re putting all 5 clues into our Audio version of the show now. Enter Lou’s trivia question of the week! You can win just for trying.

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Episode 62 – Man vs. Door


We welcome Lou back to the show this week by informing him that Mori ate the door to his bedroom last week. Also, we talk about everything that has been going in the galaxy. Musco has posted quite a bit on the official forums, so we take some time to tackle all of that stuff. Enjoy!

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Episode 61 – Hyperspice Bacon


This week, tune in to hear Pallais and Korv butcher the name of Larry’s column on MassivelyOP.com… It’s Hyperspace Beacon; not Hyperspice Bacon. There’s also a lot of talk about hypercrates and our poor luck when opening them. Listen in to enjoy our misfortune!

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Episode 60 – A Long, Strange, Galactic Trip


Star Wars: Beyond the Stars has officially recorded 60 Episodes now. Sure we haven’t always been consistent and sure we’ve missed some weeks here and there (and we should have hit this number a while back) but we’re finally at the big 60! That’s significant considering the show we spun-off of only made it to 46 released episodes. This is a pretty standard episode, but a milestone for us. Enjoy!

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Episode 59 – NSG Productions: Moving Forward


This week, we enjoy a nice casual chat between Fred, Pallais, and Mori. We start off talking a little bit about the crafting changes that just hit in SWTOR and then we move into talking about all of the new and exciting things that are going on with NSG itself. It’s a little different than our usual dynamic, but check it out and enjoy!

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Episode 58 – In the Holiday Special…


***SPOILER ALERT*** This week, Moricu uses the fact that no one has ever seen the Star Wars Holiday Special as a crutch to make everything canonical. As for the rest of us, we dive into KotFE Chapter 6! By that, I mean we spoil the heck out of Chapter 6, so be prepared. Enjoy!

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Episode 57 – Lou’s Special Raisins


***SPOILER ALERT*** Lou had computer issues this week, so we’re rejoined by Moricu of Tatooine to discuss how Lou eats special raisins provided by Treek. Oh, and we also talk about the new HK-55 Jetpack subscriber reward coming to the game. And we spoil the heck out of KotFE Chapter 5!

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