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The Wait for PvP Content: A Chronology of Battlegrounds and Warzones

One of the constant PVP requests for SWTOR has been for new Warzone maps. I decided to see just how long it has been been between the release of new maps, not just for SWTOR, but for World of Warcraft … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log: Cool Your Jets

In episode 34, we discussed a post made by Alex Modny on the Dev Tracker. Though this episode hasn’t been officially released to iTunes, YouTube, or posted on any of our social media sites, I thought it would be acceptable … Continue reading

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The “Dreaded” PUG (by Jay Connell)

    I have to get something off of my chest. It has to do with the dreaded PUG. For some people, it will be the Pick Up Group. For guildies that need a last body to fill a particular role … Continue reading

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