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Capt. Kinbrae’s 2016 Star Wars Holiday Shopping Guide

Happy Holidays from your friends at Beyond the Stars. This year Captain Kinbrae has smuggled many shipments of who knows what but nothing compares to the haul she has prepared to share with you this holiday season. So smuggle your … Continue reading

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Capt. Kinbrae’s 2015 Star Wars Holiday Shopping Guide

You guys know the drill… Every week Capt. Kinbrae releases a Star Wars Recommendation of the Week. When the holiday season rolls around, shadookie gets real. Whether you’re shopping for you spouse, children, siblings, friends, or anyone else – this … Continue reading

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The Wait for PvP Content: A Chronology of Battlegrounds and Warzones

One of the constant PVP requests for SWTOR has been for new Warzone maps. I decided to see just how long it has been been between the release of new maps, not just for SWTOR, but for World of Warcraft … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log: Cool Your Jets

In episode 34, we discussed a post made by Alex Modny on the Dev Tracker. Though this episode hasn’t been officially released to iTunes, YouTube, or posted on any of our social media sites, I thought it would be acceptable … Continue reading

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Captain Kinbrae’s Holiday Season Star Wars Shopping Guide

Every week there is a segment on the show called the Star Wars Recommendation of the Week. As soon as each episode is released to iTunes, a link with a photo of the recommendation is posted on our Facebook page. Since … Continue reading


The “Dreaded” PUG (by Jay Connell)

    I have to get something off of my chest. It has to do with the dreaded PUG. For some people, it will be the Pick Up Group. For guildies that need a last body to fill a particular role … Continue reading

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Galactic Strongholds – GamesCon Trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic both attended GamesCon and hosted a Community Cantina event while they were there. There was a new trailer that was shown off for Galactic Strongholds, as well as several new images from upcoming content released … Continue reading

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Season 2 PvP Rewards Announced

Tait Watson has recently informed us that the PvP rewards for Season 2 have finally been announced. Bearing in mind that the season is supposed to end with game update 2.9, there isn’t much time left for rating grinds. For … Continue reading

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Charles Boyd Talks Story

Lead Writer Charles Boyd took to the SWTOR website on July 23, 2014 to discuss the story content that has been coming to the game over the last year. The entire article can be read here, but the general concept … Continue reading

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