Season 2 PvP Rewards Announced

Tait Watson has recently informed us that the PvP rewards for Season 2 have finally been announced. Bearing in mind that the season is supposed to end with game update 2.9, there isn’t much time left for rating grinds. For all intents and purposes the rewards for this season are of a much smaller scale than those presented at the end of Season 1, but Season 1 also continued for a much longer period of time. Below I’ve gone ahead and outlined the three tiers of rewards (as opposed to the five tiers from Season 1) that will be available this time around.

Tier 3 – Rating < 1275
Unique Season 2, Tier 3 Title (Professional)
Bronze Trophy Decoration (Stronghold)

Tier 2 – Rating 1275-1599
Unique Season 2, Tier 2 Title (Champion)
Silver Trophy Decoration (Stronghold)
Holo-Replica of Giradda the Hutt’s Pleasure Barge Decoration (Stronghold)

Tier 1 – Rating 1600+
Unique Season 2 Tier 1 Title (All-Star)
Gold Trophy Decoration (Stronghold)
Holo-Replica of Giradda the Hutt’s Pleasure Barge Decoration (Stronghold)
Baron Deathmark’s Huttball Helmet (adaptive armor)

Given the fact that the season was much shorter and they are intending to have many more seasons that end much quicker than the first one did, I think it makes perfect sense that the rewards are less grand than in Season 1. I also think it’s a very smart choice to capitalize on Galactic Strongholds now by rewarding players with decorations. Yet, I do wonder how many PvP players are going to be interested in a Baron Deathmark’s Huttball Helmet. Don’t most people hide their helmets anyway? I like the concept of some really unique armor pieces, but I don’t think that was the best choice for an adaptive item, especially for Force using classes. But, I’m not the PvP demographic that will be receiving these rewards, so it’ll be interesting to see how they take to them this time around.

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