Captain Kinbrae’s Holiday Season Star Wars Shopping Guide


Every week there is a segment on the show called the Star Wars Recommendation of the Week. As soon as each episode is released to iTunes, a link with a photo of the recommendation is posted on our Facebook page. Since it’s mid-December and a lot of you are scrambling to come up with gift ideas for your family and friends, I thought I might ease your pain and made holiday shopping a little easier.

Granted, these recommendations only apply to Star Wars fans, but who else would you be friends with? Each of these items has been given Captain Kinbrae’s stamp of approval, which is worth more than all the credits in the galaxy. I know my stuff guys. And hell, if you’re a Scrooge like me and you don’t want to buy anyone anything this year, buy this stuff for yourself! Click each image for a link to buy the item.

gift1 gift2 gift3 gift4 gift5 gift6 gift7 gift8 gift9 gift10 gift11 gift12 gift13 gift14 gift15 gift16 gift17 gift18 gift19 gift20 gift21 gift22 gift23 gift24 gift25 gift26 gift27 gift28 gift29 gift30 gift31 gift32 gift33 gift34 gift35 gift36 gift37 gift38 gift39

And finally… if you feel like buying me a new Captain’s Jacket… This one will do just fine.

gift40gift41 gift42

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3 Responses to Captain Kinbrae’s Holiday Season Star Wars Shopping Guide

  1. Jay says:

    Where is the sexy Star Wars lingerie?

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